Understand The Way To Choose The Right Accommodation In Kathmandu

Are you heading to Nepal to spend your vacation time? Do you prefer to look around the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu? Are you unsure about the Hotels in Nepal? Do not worry! You have reached the right platform. You will all sorts of information about the accommodation in the country to make your trip memorable and hassle-free.

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Explore the beautiful city of Nepal, Kathmandu

Kathmandu is one of the most beautiful and important destinations in the country. As mentioned earlier, it is the capital city and has rich background with the temple, palace, valley, forest, and much more. It is a hub of several bars, restaurants, and hotels. Therefore, finding the Budget Hotel In Kathmandu is not at all daunting task.

By staying at Kathmandu, you can take part in several adventure activities such as biking, ice skiing, peak climbing, and so on. Huge ranges of hotels, which include from budget to costlier, are available in Kathmandu. It has exclusive facilities such as shuttle service, bar, terrace, and much more.

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Additionally, it renders both international and local cuisine to the customers to make them enjoy eating the mouthwatering food and stay luxury place at a reasonable price. Go through the below mentioned guide to find the cheapest yet luxury stay in Kathmandu.

How to find the best hotel in Kathmandu

Do you look for a Cheap Hotel in Kathmandu? Well, you need to consider the following factors carefully to find the accommodation that fits in your budget and purpose.

Facilities – Almost all the cheap hotels have all the facilities, which make the travelers feel comfortable. Some of the available facilities are a bar, restaurant, spa, etc. Before booking a room, check these facilities.

Location – The most important factor to consider when selecting the hotel in Kathmandu is location. You can find hotels close to the heart of the city or transport area that lets you visit the popular destinations easily

Cost – Before booking a room, you must check the price and compare it with other hotels to find the affordable one. The cost usually varies from one hotel to another based on the facilities. Therefore, narrow down the list of the facilities you require to lower down the accommodation cost.

Client reviews – Out of all, consider the customers’ reviews when choosing the hotel. It gives you clean insight into the quality of service you get from the particular hotel. Reviews usually play a vital role in ranking the hotels.



Things To Look Out While Selecting Hotel In Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the entrance to a lot of the wonders and Heritage Sites of Nepal. The people who are planning for Nepal trekking tour the trip starts from the Kathmandu. The traveller wants to choose the comfortable break during the vacation. Kathmandu is a popular city in the country that has a broad range of the tourist places such as old town, Durbar square, bazaar, kumari bahal, national park, itum bahal, swayambhunath stupa, nasal chowk and others. The tourist can book an affordable hotel to stay in the city on your family trip. Most of the Hotels in Nepal offers the first-class service to their customers at a reasonable price.

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How to find a cheap hotel to stay in Kathmandu

Are you planning a Kathmandu sightseeing tour? Looking for jungle adventure or trekking tour? Planning to spend your vacation in Nepal? If yes, then you can book the Cheap Hotel in Kathmandu. There are broad ranges of the hotels in the city. You need to choose an affordable hotel to stay in the city along the trekking or sightseeing tour. Many hotels provide the cheap package to the travellers that help them to enjoy the vacation within their budget. Here you can get simple tips to choose the best Budget Hotel In Kathmandu to suit your needs.

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The location is critical factors to look out at the time of booking the hotel. You can choose the hotel which located near to the tourist place where you need to spend the night during Kathmandu sightseeing trip. The tourist can take the walk to the tourist place from the hotel where they stay.


The travellers should have to check whether the hotel offers the best accommodation or not. Most of the budget provides all facilities to the travellers which offered by the five-star hotel. It offers comfortable and luxury experience to the tourist.

Check online review

Before booking the budget hotel you go to the hotel website and read the customers review. The online review is an important part when selecting the hotel to stay in the city. The clients comment about the budget hotel where the travellers can get details about the hotel, food, price and its environment.

Car Parking

The car parking is another important factor to look out before finalizing the hotel. Some hotels are not offering the parking facility so you need to stop your vehicle in the private car parking.